dear friend,

We make decisions every day and continue to do so throughout our lives, but the most important decision that anyone will ever make concerns his or her relationship with Jesus Christ. Your decision to invite Jesus Christ into your heart as your personal Savior and Lord determines your eternal destiny in Heaven. At Bethany Baptist Church, we are here to help you understand how you can know Christ as your Savior.


At Bethany, we are dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in order for people to realize their need for a Savior. After a person has accepted Jesus as their Savior, we can then help them grow in that special relationship they have with Him, so they can become all that Christ intends for them. Our goal is for every believer to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. At Bethany Baptist, we are working on developing programs and ministries that will help meet the needs of all people, regardless of age, grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord.


Christ is the center of all we do at Bethany Baptist Church and through Him we reach out to help people meet the needs they have in their lives. We invite you to come worship, fellowship, and grow with us at Bethany Baptist Church as we do our part to see God's Kingdom grow!


background photo by Michael Kucharski on Unsplash

our goal is to Glorify God as we:

  • Glorify God (worship) as we:
  • Guide people into a personal relationship with Christ (evangelism), 
  • Gather together in fellowship, 
  • Grow spiritually in His Word (discipleship), and  
  • Give of ourselves in ministry.