From middle school thru college, students are the missionaries of today

BBC YOUTH Ministry: 6th-12th Grade

Our goal is for our students to ENGAGE in three major areas:

1) ENGAGE with God's Word and allow it to reshape our ways of thinking and manner of life.

2) ENGAGE with one another in order to encourage, challenge, and live  in fellowship with each other as fellow believers in Christ.

3) ENGAGE with those outside of the church in order to share  the good news of Jesus Christ  and live our lives as witnesses for Him.


God has placed you where you are today for a reason. If you are a believer, you are His servant, His representative to the people around you. It is not by accident you were born when you were to your parents, live in your neighborhood, go to your school. God has given you some one to tell about Him. Some one who has not heard about Jesus. He has made you uniquely able to tell that one. Ask Him to show you the opportunities around you today.

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